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You touch the panel and rematerialize into a small office. As you look around the room you notice some sort of device. You touch the base and a hologram is generated. It appears to be a man who is looking at you.

After he speaks in some other language and says something you don't understand he stops talking for a moment. When he starts talking again he says, "Hello. If you are viewing this then you are trapped in my prison age. I am sorry but for security reasons I cannot let you leave. Don't worry, just outside that door there is a lovely garden full of vegetables. The weather is nice all year round and just a short distance from here is a creek for washing and bathing. Maybe someone will someday find all of the missing pages and set you free. If not, well, at least it's a pleasant age."

There's also a desk in the room. On top of the desk there's a journal. Rather than just sitting there and being bored, you can write a message in the private journal on the desk: