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Myst, Riven and D'ni are registered trademarks of Cyan, Inc.

"What if." Two little words full of possibility. What if you had the power to open doors to other words, whole other realities? What if you could travel, at will, back and forth between these "Ages" as some call them with the simple power of the descriptive word? And what if you could write books that could literally take you to the worlds they describe?

Where would you go? What sort of worlds would you discover and what sort of adventures would you have? What would you do when you got there, how would you look at the people, and what great intrigues would you play with the other travelers around you? There is a people who has mastered and has been mastered by this great art; their world is called D'ni and this is their story.

In case you are wondering, Myst Reinterpreted is a Play by E-Mail game in which you can play either a D'ni or an inhabitant of an age. It is based on the D'ni civilization created by Cyan for the Myst series of games and novels. To find out more about Myst and the D'ni check out the links page.

While the D'ni civilization which this game is based on is modeled after the one created by Cyan, it takes place in an alternate D'ni with a slightly different timeline. It follows a parallel course to the one developed for the games but shortly after the building of the Great Library it goes off in a separate direction.

The game is taking place predominantly outside of D'ni currently.

To view the current rules of Myst Reinterpreted click here.

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If you are interested in joining with full access to all the features of the yahoo group, simply go to our yahoo page to sign up. If you only want e-mail access, which is all you need to play, simply enter your e-mail address in the form below and press the return/enter key on your keyboard.

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